11/4/2021 Why Get Vaccinated?

Why Get Vaccinated?

James E. Hayes, D. Min., M. Div., Executive Director, Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center

Help us to help those we serve. Get vaccinated!

Covid vaccinations continue to be in the news as we work together to face the challenges of this ongoing pandemic. We understand there are many sides to this issue, but we join with other health care organizations and public health experts to enjoin all those eligible to please get vaccinated. We have been fortunate at the Center as we have been able to carry on many of our services throughout this pandemic. We have also had to endure reduced services at times when we have had to work through mitigation strategies and contact tracing when there have been positive cases in our midst. Those mitigation strategies are necessary to keep our staff and clients safe, but they also expend energy and reduce efficiency so that we’re not able to help as many people as we might otherwise. Raising vaccination numbers will help us to help those we serve.

We are joining other health care professionals in encouraging everyone eligible to get vaccinated. We thank the medical colleagues from our community for the following videos and web sites. They are universal in their encouragement to vaccinate so that we can keep people safe and get back to leading lives that flourish.

Video from McFarland Clinic


Here are web sites from other local clinics and providers::




If you’re wondering about whether you’re eligible for a booster, please refer to CDC and Iowa Department of Public Health web sites. Please know that mental health issues are among the reasons that people are eligible to receive their booster shot.


Help us to help those we serve. Get vaccinated!

Thank you!