Women Helping Women

Women Helping Women is the Center’s annual luncheon to provide counseling, education, trainings and other services for women, children and families who are underinsured or from low-income households.

Women Helping Women 2024

Join us for the 26th annual Women Helping Women luncheon!

Friday, May 17, 2024
11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Meadows Events Center at Prairie Meadows, Altoona, Iowa

Please contact Laurie Betts Sloterdyk at 515.564.5122 or lsloterdyk@mindspiritcenter.org if you are interested in attending the Women Helping Women Annual Event.

See current list of 2024 Women Helping Women sponsors and donors >

Women Helping Women luncheon 2024 honoree Carol Bodensteiner and speaker Teri Hughes-Paulline, LISW
2024 honoree Carol Bodensteiner and speaker Teri Hughes-Paulline, LISW
Meet our 2024 honoree and speaker!


Carol Bodensteiner 

Carol Bodensteiner is a public relations professional with over two decades of experience in the marketing industry. After leaving agency life, Carol embarked on a successful writing career, authoring several books, including a memoir and novels depicting life in Iowa. A long-time supporter of the Center, she has served on the Women Helping Women committee for several years, including as a co-chair. Carol is passionate about helping others succeed through initiatives supporting literacy and language by serving as an adult ELL teacher for Oakridge Neighborhood and reading to children through the United Way Book Buddy Program. In her free time, she participates in two book clubs and savors time on her acreage with her husband, David, and with her son’s family, who visit often.


Teri Hughes-Paulline, LISW

Teri Hughes-Paulline, a Licensed Independent Social Worker celebrating 50 years as a mental health provider, has been a Mind & Spirit Counseling Center therapist since 2020. Teri earned her undergraduate degree from UNI, a graduate degree from the University of Iowa and has worked in the public and private mental health sectors in Davenport and Des Moines. As a therapist, Teri provides care for those experiencing mood disorders, anxiety, change of life and family issues, as well as those who experience chronic mental health issues, trauma and loss. Teri has been an active volunteer in her private life. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who cheers for the people and things she believes in— community, volunteerism, faith and friendship.

Whether you’re new to Women Helping Women, or a longtime supporter, please enjoy highlights from our 2023 luncheon!

Watch the 2023 presentation to experience Connie and Jann’s influential messages that created a renewed sense of purpose and worth.

We gathered 600 people for an inspiring luncheon at Embassy Suites in downtown Des Moines on May 19, 2023! A celebration of 25 years of honoring women who inspire with kindness and lead with purpose, we enjoyed a dynamic program from our 2023 honoree, Connie Isaacson, and our keynote speaker Jann Freed, PhD, who inspired us to ponder “What if the rest of your life is the best of your life?”

The energy in the room was palpable as we honored all of the women who have helped make the event a success for the last quarter-century! This year’s event surpassed last year’s record-breaking fundraising total, raising $300,000 to provide services for women, children, and families who otherwise couldn’t access the mental health care they deserve.

Thank you to our 2024 sponsors and donors for supporting our 26th annual Women Helping Women luncheon!

Presenting Sponsors – $10,000+

Carol Bodensteiner, in memory of Teree Caldwell-Johnson

Barbara and Michael Gartner

Susan and Carl Voss

Sally Wallace

Leadership Sponsors – $5,000

Kate Garst

Charlotte and Fred Hubbell

Rusty Hubbell

Karen Shaff and Steve Jayne

Toni Urban

Supporting Sponsor – $2,500

Pamela Bass-Bookey

Jann Freed and John Fisher, in memory of Paula Duncan

La Donna and Rich Matthes

Shirley Poertner

Rachel Stauffer

Sally Wood

Kathi Zimpleman

West Bank logo

Contributing Sponsor – $1,500

Barbara Beatty

Debbie Hubbell

Trudy Holman Hurd

Martha James

Susan and Bill Knapp

Nancy Main

Todd and Sue Mattison

D.J. Newlin

Jennifer Lock Oman, in memory of Ellie Glazer Ziegler

Jill Oman

Mary M. Riche

Janis Ruan

Rebecca Shaw, in memory of Dr. Deb Turner

Nan Stubbs, in memory of Iola Tollakson

Michele Whitty

Baker Group logo
Des Moines University logo
Stiver Ford logo
Willis Automotive logo
Special Friends – $1,000

Amega Garage Door & Opener, Inc.

Joan Betts

Suzie Glazer Burt, in memory of Ellie Glazer Ziegler

Nora and Dave Everett, in honor of Jill Everett

Shayla From

Rosalie Gallagher

Sharon Goldford, in honor of Carol Bodensteiner

Mary Gottschalk 

Leslie Heimbach

Judy Akre Heseman

Starr Hinrichs

Ann and Tom Holme

Joanie Houston

Andrea James

Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines

Kate and Andy Juelfs

Robbie G. Malm

Claudette and P.J. McDonald

Brenda Mouw

Pauline and William Niebur

Barb and Andy Nish, in honor of Laurie Betts Sloterdyk

Noreen O’Shea

Lynsey Oster

Leigh OTool

Marilyn Parsons

Katie Patton

Linda Rullan

Jackie Saunders

Diana Sickles

Kathleen K Stahl

Sarah and Andy Susanin, in honor of Laurie Betts Sloterdyk


Marti Wade

Dr. Teri Wahlig

Meg Whitty

Kim and Rich Willis

Judy Winkelpleck

Alan Zuckert

Leader Plus – $500


Stephanie Asklof

Connie Beasley

Margo and Don Blumenthal

Nicole Boyington

Annie S. Brandt

Suzan Kelsey Brooks

Alicia and David Claypool

Cynde Cronin

Delta Dental of Iowa

Sondra Eddings

Denise Essman, in honor of Carol Bodensteiner

Jamie Fitzgerald

Jane Fogg

Diane Glass and Jeff Means, in honor of Carol Bodensteiner

Rachel Hardin

Sarah Hayes, M.D.

Kathleen Hoegh, in honor of Dr. Mark Minear

Michelle Hogan

Denise J.A. Holck, in honor of Laurie Betts Sloterdyk

Dr. Alexandra Hubbell

ITA Group Foundation

Laura and Roger Jacobsen

Anne M. Kelly

Kemin Industries

Linda Koehn

Cyril Mandelbaum

Lorraine May

Cathy McMullen and Don Worrell

Liz Neumann

Jeanne O’Halloran

Donna L. Paulsen and Thomas E. Press

Stephanie Pearl

Jackie Romp

Patrice Sayre

Susan Moritz Scharnberg

Brenda and Jaey Sedlacek

Barbara Sherman

Kendra Simmons

Terri Mork Speirs

Sarah Sullivan

Char Vukovich

Linda Weidmaier

Your Part-Time Controller

Leaders – $250

Aimee/Amy Hassebrock

Anonymous (3)

Susan Ackelson

Nancy Adrianse, in honor of Laurie Betts Sloterdyk

Cindy Ambroson

Becky Anthony

Beverly Apel

Janice Bannister, in honor of Laurie Betts Sloterdyk

Mary K Bartine

Elizabeth Baustian, in honor of Carol Bodensteiner

Mary Ann Beard

Kristen Benge

Carrie Bening

Brooke A. Benschoter, in honor of Roberta Yoder

Cathy Besh

Connie Boesen

Nancy Bone, in memory of Paula Duncan

Margaret Platt Borgen

Nicole Boyington

Dan Breitbach, in honor of Carol Bodensteiner

Jamie Buelt, in honor of Carol Bodensteiner

Phyllis Cacciatore, in honor of Eileen Burtle Gottner

Diane Caldbeck

Marilyn Carroll, in honor of Laurie Betts Sloterdyk

Nancy Cheeseman

Diane Child

Polly L Clark

Holly Craiger

Diane Cutler

Darcy Darrah, in honor of Carol Bodensteiner

Suzanna de Baca

Sheryl DeMouth

Christine Dietz, in memory of Isabel Dietz

Ardene Downing, in honor of Susan Voss

Marsha and Ellery Duke

Kelly Edmister

Peggy Fisher

Fran Fleck

Robin Fortney, in memory of Lisa Woodson Baughman

Sharon Gaddy-Hanna, in honor of Carol Bodensteiner

Shawna Gisi

Linda Goeldner

Mary Helen Grace and David Grace

Courtney Maxwell Greene

Cheryl Hamilton, in memory of Verona Johnson

Jan Hardin

Renee Hardman

Lynn Heggen

Barbara L. Hein

Susan Hemminger

Christine Hensley

Mark and Kara Heston (K. Heston Accounting)

Jennifer and Jack Hilmes, in honor of Jackie Hilmes

Dixie Hoekman

Homes of Oakridge Human Services, in honor of Carol Bodensteiner

Connie Isaacson

Rick and Kelly Isaacson

Linda Jennings

Joanne Johnson

Sandy Benson Johnson/Benson Family Foundation, in memory of Evelyn Adams Benson

Beth Stelle Jones

Amber Juffer

Jane M. Keairns, APR, in honor of Carol Bodensteiner

Maureen Keehnle

Mary K. Kelly

Lola Kenworthy

Pam Kenyon

Connie Klug

Mary Kramer

Mary F. Kunkel

Sheila Starkovich Lingwall

Marian Lyddon’s Daughters, in memory of Marian Lyddon

Sandy McClelland

Andy McGuire

Susan Vujnovich McRoberts

Reo Menning

Ann Michelson

Joan Middleton

Robyn Mills

Diane Morain

Kurt and Melissa Ness

Charlotte Noble

Katie Gibson Overby

Eliza Ovrom

Nina Socarras Pack, in honor of Laurie Betts Sloterdyk

Teri and Greg Paulline

Gail Pearl

Sally Pederson

Sen. Janet Petersen

Diann M. Peyton

Susan Pogge

Rasmussen Group

Artis Reis

Susy Robinette

Helen Robinson

Katie Roth

Pat Schneider

Pam Schoffner

Kim Shadur, in honor of Alexa MCarthy, PhD

Laurie Betts Sloterdyk, in honor of Connie Wilson

Hallie Still-Caris

Ellen Strachota

Matt and Erin Strawn

Mary Stuart

Gail Stubbs

Sarah Sullivan

Karen Novak Swalwell

Cheryl Sypal

Jana Teachout

Joyce and Harold Templeman

Marsha Ternus

Karen Unrau

Teresa VanVleet-Danos

Terri Vaughan

Marilyn Warling

Fritz Wehrenberg and Jennie LeGates

Deb Wiley and John Schmidt

Dee Willemsen

Jean Williams

Emily Williams-Bouska

Connie Wilson, in honor of Laurie Betts Sloterdyk

Janie Wine

Roberta Yoder

Young Leaders- $125

Jamie Bartine

Julianne Hilmes Bartlett

Rachel Bruns

Jenna Knox, in honor of Laurie Sloterdyk

Ali Makris

Kathleen McGuire

Anne McMahon

Ann-Charlotte Meyer

Rev. Dani Musselman

Anne Roth, in honor of Laurie Betts Sloterdyk

Heather Stuyvesant, in honor of Laurie Betts Sloterdyk

Emily and Maeve Webb

Table Hosts – $750

Sue Caley, in honor of Carol Bodensteiner

Elizabeth Coonan

Ebony and Ivory Book Club, hosted by Carol Bodensteiner

Sharon Goldford

Mary Gottschalk

L.U.N.A. hosted by Sharon Goldford

Oakridge Neighborhood, hosted by Carol Bodensteiner, in memory of Teree Caldwell-Johnson

Shirley Poertner

Donations – $50+

Anonymous (11)

Lindsey Anderson

Jolene Atkinson, in honor of Teri Hughes-Paulline, LISW

Dodie Bauman

Amy Bingaman

Mary C. Brooks

Sara Brown

Dawn Buzynski, in honor of Carol Bodensteiner

Eva and David Christiansen

Marta Codina

Joanne Cutler

Kiley Cutler

Marge Doyle

Isabel Drake

Kristi Edwards

Pat Fennelly

Julie Fleming

Marchelle (Max) Gage, in honor of Shirley Poertner

Carol Grant

Jane Hartnett and Don Piegors

Jane M. Hemminger, in honor of Emily Kessinger and Kathy Stuart

Victoria L. Herring

Robert and Dale Howe

Holly Ikenberry, in honor of Ann-Charlotte Meyer and Anne McMahon

Christy Johnson

Rachelle and Jim Keck

Mary Ellen Kimball

Mary Ellen Lewis

Julie McGarvey, in honor of Laurie Betts Sloterdyk

Joan Meek

Kate Milligan, in honor of Dr. Jann Freed and Dr. Ellery Duke

Jean Mountain

Tracy Mullen

Beth Nyguard

Catherine Olesen, in honor of Kathy Reardon

Judy Prochaska, in honor of Teri Hughes-Paulline, LISW

Amy Romanin, in honor of Adam Graber

Laura Sands and Dave Busiek

Rose Ann Schuler

Hilary Tanner

Penny Thomsen, in honor of Carol Bodensteiner

Ann Victor, in honor of Laurie Betts Sloterdyk

Teresa Weidmaier

Tracy Wheeler

Eleanor Zeff

Kent Zimmerman

Media Sponsor

2024 Planning Committee

Stephanie Asklof
Cathy Besh
Annie Brandt
Melissa Cano-Zelaya
Kathy Giles
Shawna Gisi
Sharon Goldford

Kelly Isaacson
Kate Juelfs
Anne Kelly
Paula Kerman
Ann-Charlotte Meyer
Leigh OTool, co-chair
Stephanie Pearl

Shirley Poertner, co-chair
Anne Price McMahon
Kelly Sparks
Susan Voss
Connie Wilson

2024 Underwriting Cabinet

Pam Bass-Bookey
Beth Coonan
Jann Freed
Shayla From
Rachel Hardin
Renee Hardman
Sarah Hayes

Starr Hinrichs
Debbie Hubbell
Connie Isaacson
Andrea James
Emily Kessinger
Claudette McDonald
Katie Patton

Mary M. Riche
Anne Roth
Katie Roth
Kathy Stuart
Marti Wade
Sally Wallace


27th Annual Women Helping Women

May 16, 2025

The Center is planning another inspiring annual luncheon to address Iowa’s mental health crisis by assisting women, children and families who are uninsured or underinsured. We look forward to your support!

Women Helping Women logo

For more information, contact Laurie Betts Sloterdyk, Director of Development

Office: 515-564-5122 | Cell: 515-778-5436 | Email: lsloterdyk@mindspiritcenter.org