2023 Women Helping Women

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Contributing Sponsor – $1,500

Dr. Barbara Beatty

Carol Bodensteiner

Jann Freed and John Fisher

Krause Group

Deb and George Milligan

D.J. Newlin

Jill Oman

Rita Perea

Mary M. Riche

Rebecca D. Shaw, M.D.

Kathy and Ted Stuart

Kim and Rich Willis

Connie Wimer

Special Friends – $1,000

J.R. and Meredith Boesen Family Fund

Tom and Michele Brown

Suzie Glazer Burt

Roxanne Barton Conlin

Nora and Dave Everett

Tom and Cindy Fischer

Shayla From

Sharon Goldford, in honor of Jann Freed

Mary Gottschalk

Leslie Heimbach

Starr and Harry Hinrichs

Debbie Hubbell

Ann and Tom Holme

Andrea James

Martha James

Kate Juelfs

Cathy Lacy

Virginia Laurisden

Joyce and Terry Lillis

Robbie G. Malm

Claudette and P.J. McDonald

Brenda Mouw

Pauline and William Niebur

Jennifer Lock Oman

Lynsey Oster

Kay Riley

Jackie Saunders

Nan Stubbs, in memory of Iola Tollakson

Lisa Veach

Dr. Teri Wahlig

Michele Whitty

Alan Zuckert and Joyce Dainty

Leader Plus – $500

Stephanie Asklof

Connie Beasley, in honor of Connie Isaacson

Amy Bingaman

Beth and Dave Bishop

Annie Sloterdyk Brandt

Beth Coonan

Jane Fogg

Rosalie Gallagher

Rachel Hardin

Sarah Hayes

Melanie Hicklin

Connie Isaacson

Karen Quance Jeske

Anne M. Kelly

Lorraine May

Jeanne O’Halloran

Donna L. Paulsen and Thomas E. Press

Stephanie Pearl

Jackie Romp

Barb Sherman

Kendra Simmons

Marti Sivi, in honor of Jann Freed

Laurie Betts Sloterdyk, in honor of Connie Isaacson

Terri Mork Speirs

Barbara Stennes, in memory of Helen Bryant

Sarah and Zac Voss

Char Vukovich

Linda Weidmaier

Deb Wiley and John Schmidt

Judy Winkelpleck

Leaders – $250

Anonymous (1)

Emily Abbas

Susan Ackelson

Becky Anthony

Beverly Apel

Jannice E. Bannister

Pat Barry

Mary Ann Beard

Kristen Benge

Carrie Bening

Meghan Blum

Connie Boesen

Margaret Platt Borgen

Nicole Boyington

Phyllis Cacciatore

Teree Caldwell-Johnson

Mary Carlsen

Marilyn Carroll

Polly L. Clark

Alicia Claypool

Julie Ann Connolly

Chris Conyers and Tom Baldwin

Holly Craiger

Christine Dietz, in honor of Isabel Dietz

Denise Essman

Fran Fleck

Julie Fleming

Ann Flood

Diane Glass and Jeff Means

Mary Gordon

Mary Helen Grace and David Grace

Dennis Groenenboom

Mary Gross

Jami Haberl

Cheryl Hamilton

Jan Hardin

Lynn Heggen

Barbara L. Hein

Jane Hemminger

Christine Hensley

Victoria L. Herring

Jennifer Hilmes

Dixie Hoekman

Michelle Hogan

Dr. Darren Jirsa, D.D.S. in honor of Susan Voss

Sandy Benson Johnson/Benson Family Foundation

Beth Stelle Jones

Lola Kenworthy

Pamela Kenyon

Connie Klug

Jenna Knox

Jennie LeGates

Christine Lewis

Sheila Starkovich Lingwall

Deb Madison-Levi

Sharon and Sue Malheiro

Sandy McClelland

Andy McGuire

Kate Mead

Reo Menning

Ann Michelson

Joan Middleton

Mary O’Brien

Leigh O’Tool

Katie Gibson Overby

Liza Ovrom

Nina Socarras Pack

Katie Patton

Diann M. Peyton

Judy Quick

Dawn Roberts

Susy Robinette

Helen Robinson

Janis Ruan

David Sagula

Laura Sands and Dave Busiek

Susan Scharnberg

Pam Schoffner

Jacqueline Stoken, D.O.

Ellen Strachota

Mary Stuart

Gail Stubbs

Karen Novak Swalwell

Cheryl Sypal

Joyce and Harold Templeman

Marsha Ternus

Karen Unrau

Terri Vaughan

Sheri and Dick Vohs

Susan Vujnovich

Dee Willemsen

Jean Williams

Janie Wine

Roberta Yoder

Young Leaders- $125

Julianne Hilmes Bartlett

Rachel Bruns

Christine Hilbert

Sara Hopkins

Emily Kessinger

Ali Makris

Maggie McClelland

Kathleen McGuire

Ann Roth

Ann-Charlotte Wade

Emily Webb

Corporate Friends – $500+


Anonymous (1)

Mary Brooks

Diane Hedden

Dianne and Roger Jones

Kaye Lozier

Allison Peet

Table Hosts

Sharon Goldford (2)

Mary Gottschalk

Knapp Properties

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Chocolate Storybook

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