Women Helping Women Fund

The WOMEN HELPING WOMEN (WHW) funds for counseling assistance rely entirely on the WHW luncheon event proceeds and contributions. The population to be served by the funds generated by WOMEN HELPING WOMEN includes low- and moderate-income women and girls and those who are uninsured or underinsured who seek counseling services through the Center and do not have the resources to pay for services.

Donations are accepted throughout the year. Your support of WOMEN HELPING WOMEN is crucial to our efforts to extend our services to an increasing number of women and girls struggling with the challenges of life. Women and girls like those in the following clinical snapshots:

o A 40-year-old woman disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. All physical functioning and most relationship effectiveness are limited for her. Every aspect of her life is an effort. The accompanying depression leads her to question the meaning of her life and if it is worth the effort to go on.

o A 30-year-old married mother of a six-year-old who experiences depression and flashbacks about the sexual abuse by her father from age 5-17. She is extremely bright and has the potential to succeed, but is psychologically debilitated by her symptoms.

o Jana came to the Center at age 8 because she was experiencing very serious verbalization issues. Her parents were divorced. Her father had been arrested for physically abusing her. Jana had learned over her short life that her feelings didn’t matter and her voice wasn’t heard. Without counseling, Jana would have been silent for a long, long time, possibly finding extremely maladaptive ways to express herself. Instead, she is beginning to heal.